Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-06-01, 14:32)movie78 Wrote:
(2017-06-01, 03:19)Chris_77 Wrote: Hi,
does anyone know where I can download Intel HD graphics driver v20.19.15.4331 for Cherry Trail SoC? I now have my second unit with Z8300 and just cannot get it to work with 3D isos. Since it came with a much newer driver I would like to at least try the driver version suggested in the table sheet.

Why do you keep on buying these Z8300 is 3D is not working, in this thread there a lot of Hardware that people have 3D successfully working and some are even cheaper than Z8300.

Very simple:
1. More than one Z8300 can be found in th table of suggested devices
2. It has been reported more than once and by experienced user like HDMKV ( who did the review on the Beelink BT3) that these devices work quite well with this 3d fork.
3. Performance for intended use as media-streaming box only good enough & with 4Gig of RAM also quite snapy for that use.
4. Small form factor & FANLESS design, which I love because I dont want any fans in my living room...
5. Very low power consumption
6. Fairly priced I would say, and depending on device can also be pricier( as the minix 83-4 I have right now) than othe solutions

These are more than enough reasons for me to give it a try and also at least ask for some help here. Since people in this forum actually reported that they had 3d iso up and running with such devices I still hope that someone might give me a hint or guide me to the right direction...and since I cannot find the driver suggested in the table of supported devices by this forum, I thought asking for it would be a good start point...

Anyway, did not mean to bother you....

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