Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
just installed an internal sata hard drive as all my usb 3.0 drives are full and got my first real problem.

when running a video it started buffering and skipped forward after 5 mins into the video. I tried restarting it to see if it was a fault with the video but it wasnt their the second time.

had this loading symbol and skipped forward about 30 seconds roughly.

never had any problems before so thinking it was the internal sata 2.5in laptop drive.

was only a 45 min video tried playing it from start to finish again and all worked.

I had previously watched this video file on my usb 3.0 drive with no problem.

99% sure its drive as its the main new thing i added in last week and also I did update to the latest kodi but have tested a few 3d iso on my externals and they worked fine.

tried going back to older build to see if any different but I cannot get the scrapers for video covers to work on older builds.
yamaha RX-V777
BenQ w1070
samsung ue55nu7100

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