Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Alright, I'm at my wit's end dealing with this stuttering problem (previously referenced a page or so back).

I'd been using a J4205 board. The other night I tried updating the bios hoping it would fix the issue. Instead, it bricked the whole board. To replace it, I bought a Gigabyte Brix J1900. Damn thing has the same problem I've been experiencing with the previous system! Basically, if I use any build newer than the December 2016 one, I get stuttering when playing back in 3D WITH 7.1 pass through of HD audio. If I either use a 3D file or switch to PCM the problem goes away. On the December build, I get occasional audio drift where I lose sync. Doesn't seem to happen consistently, but it's there occasionally.

I know some say that PCM is exactly the same quality as bitstreamed, but I know it does strip out some volume related flags (and atmos info) and I've got a high end receiver that does some great trickery with volume compression, so I have noticed a difference running bitstream over PCM.

I'm considering returning the Brix, but can anyone recommend a system that doesn't cost $300? The brix and J4205 are in the 100 ish range, but it's starting to sound like all the celeron based processors have this problem, and no disrespect to @afedchin, but it doesn't look like a fix is on the horizon.

Are people really able to play back MVC 3D bitstreamed at 7.1 without issue with the new build, and if so on what hardware?

Just trying to get proper 3D bitstream audio playback for my movie room.

Any suggestions on other systems would be greatly appreciated.
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