Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-08-04, 16:38)brazen1 Wrote: I can understand noise could be frustrating if you haven't set up speedfan and a couple power option values in windows. Todays GPU's are silent, at least those with more than one fan. Maybe they load up under gaming and spin hard? Movie playback I've never even seen them spin. My CPU is set at 1100 rpm. I can't hear it. It's a pretty old system too, about 10 years. I imagine newer stuff would be even less straining but not sure what you would have to work with?

I don't know what you mean about everything being blurry in 3D and had to be switched every time you played something? Either 3D is on for 3D titles or it's off. Quitting MPC to return to Kodi when finished shouldn't be an issue? There's a setting 'Close player when finished' that closes the player when finished, returning to Kodi in focus enabling a very pleasant seamless integration.

True, the difference between W7 and W10 compatibly is night and day. Clearly, most newer formats won't even work on W7 or any other platform unless it's W10 or W8 at the very least.

There's no reason to buy "another" motherboards, CPU's, and GPU's blowing your $150 budget (how much are you invested so far in multiple streaming boxes?) Use those existing ones. As I said you can 'update' your GPU if you desire to reach full potential. I think a brand new Nvidia 1030, you could pop in your old PC, will set you back under $100.

Anyway, you asked about fully functioning alternatives but it seems you lean toward streaming boxes and frown on PC HTPC's based on W7 era bad experiences you didn't fine tune remedy. Good luck in your quest.

I'm sure that you're right in terms of improving on my experience with some tweaking. The thing is, my streaming box is using a soldered in processor and lacks a pci-e slot, so I very much would have to buy a new processor, board and card. Can't see doing that for $150, although if you think I'm wrong let me know!

In terms of the other issues, I'm just going off my prior experience. I was referring to the Windows level display settings (you have 1080, or 1080 3D) and for some reason on my old win 7 Nvidia system, that would cause text and the entire kodi interface to get somewhat blurry, unless I manually set it to 1080. No idea why, sounds like that's no longer an issue.

I was aware of the close player when finished" flag. I think the issue I was having was that I don't usually watch a movie file to the end of the credits, and so pressing stop as i usually would didn't then transition back to the kodi interface, and I had to quit and switch manually. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but it wasn't seemless. Perhaps that's resolvable now.

Either way, unless I can buy a suitable card, motherboard and CPU for $150 or so, I don't think this is the solution I'm looking for. Appreciate your help anyway though.
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