Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
To whomever keeps the spreadsheet up to date, I've got some testing info that should probably be on there.

The J4205 board does not, and likely will never support 3D playback through the 4k HDMI port. It also does not currently play back 3d properly from the dvi port either, although it's unclear to me whether any devices are working with any of the current builds.

My experience has been that both the J4205, and the Gigabyte J1900 stutter with the last few builds (anything since december). I've also verified that the J4205 loses audio sync frequently when playing back 3D on previous builds that do not stutter.

I believe that those who tested it and had good results were not using "hardware based" 3D with active glasses, but rather were using interlaced 3D, which does work fine.

I've tried updating the internal Displayport chip, using every available bios (including beta bioses). I'd love it if others could be warned that this is not a working solution at this time, EXCEPT for those using interlaced 3D setups.

I'd also still love to hear from anyone who IS able to watch hardware based 3D with bitstreamed HD audio on the latest build without stuttering, and if so what hardware they're on, as at this point I've tried two different systems without success.
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