Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Appreciate the responses guys.

Just to be clear, I don't care about 4k/hdr. just looking for 1080 3D MVC for my active projector, and bitstreamed HD audio.

I've been using the dvi output on the J4205. In a bout of frustration I tried troubleshooting the HDMI connection again in the vain hope that some combination of drivers and firmware updating would somehow improve things, but that was obviously a dead end.

Using the DVI connection, I'm getting pretty consistent stutter in 3D MVC playback. I've tried several intel drivers (both the set on the asrock site, and the 4729 from intel that you reference. 2D playback is perfect.

Is there some setting or configuration difference I could be missing that's causing this? The stuttering is quite consistent on the new build, regardless of what audio codec is used (I was actually observing it today even when switching off passthrough).

I also observed the stuttering on the J1900 with the new build, so I went ahead and returned it.

I know my projector and receiver aren't the problem, because I don't have any issues when playing via my blu-ray player. Just hoping to ditch the disks! I also know that my board isn't defective, because I just had to RMA it and got a new replacement from asrock.

What's weird to me is the change in behavior between builds. The December build is almost perfect. Haven't seen any stuttering, but the audio isn't always in sync, and you can't rewind or fast forward on that build, so if it goes out there's no way to re-sync it.

Just to be totally clear, you're saying that you DON'T get stuttering when your 3D setting is "Hardware based," correct? If I switch mine to interlaced, I no longer get stuttering, but as I have an active 3D projector that obviously doesn't do anything for me.

Not sure what else to try at this point, but there must be some difference between our setups that accounts for the difference.

Might try and save up for a beeline at some point.

@dexter appreciate the reply as well. That's interesting to note about the b variant. Wish I had one! I'd consider buying it, but unfortunately I can't stand the motion interpolation on my projector, so I really am looking for a box that provides smooth playback regardless of the projector settings.


Two other potential factors. Rewster, are you using an activated version of windows? Any idea of that should matter? Cause I'm not. Also, would Realtek audio drivers make a difference? If so, what version, if any are you using? I installed the latest available from the Realtek website.
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