Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
@MrBfJohn, I have disabled the splash screen so never see that screen, the splash screen is a graphic file so that is why it says 17.4

If you move ALL the exe and ffmpeg files to your 17.4 build, you would have converted the install to 6/12 (17.0), that is known to work. Could you try this the guide version.

My post was trying to see what happens if you have a 17.4 build and downgrade the ffmpeg files to the older build (17.0 where the video synced ok).

I have left mine in the configuration I described (well I forgot I had left it this way this week), so I have 17.4 exe (22/9) and  17.0b6 ffmpeg files(9/12), I have played 3 3D films and have not had to skip back for sync.


@afedchin There are only slight changes in file sizes it would be interesting if anything has actually changed in these files or are they static from when the MVC feature was added, or is just the version numbers making the files sizes different.  Just want to know if this is a placebo affect as my 17.4 build worked very well on my Beelink AP34 with just minor syncing issues.
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