Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-10-10, 10:49)rewsteruk Wrote: @robsch, I have a AP34

If you just want to get to 10 Pro, do a reset of home to get a clean install with drivers, and follow the instructions here these Chinese boxes can be fiddly to get the drivers working with a fresh install as I found out with the Beelink Z83II. This is exactly what I did with my AP34 and it is working fine, just update the drivers.

I have not had many sync issues with the latest build, mainly with 3D, but I tried something with the ffmpeg drivers on post #2903, and that seems to work with 3D sync too, a problem 3D film Big Hero 6 seems to play perfectly now, waiting to find out if there is actually a differences with ffmpeg, or is it just luck.

I use WASAPI, I have a 4K OLED so the 3D is 1080p, with Marantz NR1606

I did a complete reinstall and so far everything is going well... I will report back with my final testing results.

As a FYI : I did a fresh install of Windows 10 from scratch. I knew about the upgrade with a key function, but I wanted to "test the waters" as it were.

Latest Intel Drivers (Cover 80% of the AP34) : (if you use the auto detect, it will install most of them for you)
Latest Realtech Drivers (NIC and Audio) :

There are a few that are missing, and those I have a DD Archive, that can be installed via the device manager (or mangler) : (I put them in my dropbox)

I had 1 issue with a duplicate device, that I just removed from the manager. 

After the reinstall, I noticed it was a bit snappier, though I did disable a bunch of services, and used launcher4kodi to set my shell to kodi.

@rewsteruk : Thank you for your write ups on the AP34. I bought this unit on your suggestion after getting ticked off at the lack of bitstreaming on my RPi3. Smile
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