Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Did anyone of you manage to run this 3D build of Kodi on a Xiaomi Mi Air 13?

I got mine just yesterday and tried but I failed.

3D files are just played back as 2D. The Kodi settings seem to be right and the display is set to 1920*1080 3D in Windows.

So maybe the problem is that the laptop has the Intel HD620 (i5 7200u) aswell as the MX150 and although I set Kodi to run with the Intel HD620, the MX150 might be used.
Is there a way to see which graphics is used in Kodi in the debug.log?

On my previous Dell XPS 13 with an i7 5500u and the Intel HD 5500 3D worked fine with these Kodi builds but unfortunately it was stolen.

I got it to work. Was my fault. I tried to playback a movie that I ripped wrongly from the BD. So the MVC track was missing and it was just a 2D file Big Grin
Other 3D files work, so everything ist fine here, if I'm not experiencing this audio-video sync issue.
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