Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-09-24, 22:42)DEcosse Wrote: ^ Again great info - that was my other (unasked) question wondering how hot it would get.
My other Windows system is a NUC54250wyk - the fan is not horribly annoying but it does kick on now & again
I just recently switched that over to Win 10 Pro - had been running LinuxMint on it until recently but it crashed severely - twice - while installing updates to 18.2 after the initial upgrade (which itself had gone ok) - had to reinstall completely from scratch again
After second time, went route similar to you & switched to Windows Pro with a low-cost license
I've been playing around with some Android systems - my BeeLink Mini MXiii ii (with dual-boot LibreElec) is actually the best out of three, vs MiBox and MeCoolM82Pro
Even the Android Kodi works well enough for most stuff on the station where I use it (1080, no external sound).
- Android boxes are limited for me as I use a Browser-based subscription (Flash) streamer for my Sports Team and although Android works with it for stored videos, the Live Games will not work on Android platforms.
After screwing around with Android boxes, just ready to return to Intel based platform - although I'll keep my Beelink box as my 'third' unit in my work-out room.
Have to say this Beelink box looks excellent value at the price.
 Take the NUC5450wyk apart, I have had mine since launch, and with 2 dogs, popcorn ceilings, and around my HT wall, it gets full of dust, One morning woke up and it was whining very high pitched, Turns out it was almost completely blocked. Took the main board out and the heatsink is on the bottom side, Watch all the SATA connectors, and usb and such. They are short leads. Plan and you will be successful. It runs like new. 3D looks like nothing I have ever seen on a 77 oled as well off this box. I am sitting tight and waiting for the 8th gen boxes to see if they work out the HDMI issues with 2.0 vs. 1.4. It doesnt appear they give a shit about the 6th and 7th gen boxes. Personally if I have to run everything 4K / HDR on the shield and all 3D on a 4th or 5th gen NUC, I am ok with that.   Those heatsink fins will be nasty as well as the fan. Sold your problem easily this way
KODI1: NUC 5240wyk 3D/KodiFork 3DMVC/ Shield 2D and 4K HDR/  ATV4K 2D/4K HDR/DV AVR1: Denon AVRX7200WA DISP1: LG OLED77G6P /3D/HDR/DV
KODI2: Shield 2D and 4K HDR / ATV4K 2D4K/HDR/DV AVR2: Marantz NR16037 DISP2: LG OLED55C6P/3D/HDR/DV
KODI3: Shield 2D and 4K HDR/ Zidoo X9S 3DMVC /ATV4K 2D/4K HDR/DV AVR3: Denon AVR-X3300 DISP3: LG OLED65G6P/3D/HDR/DV
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