Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback

Setup a win10 beelink ap34  a few months back; and found the most stable of the windows builds for 3D was  KodiSetup-20161208-2e764f6.    All of the later builds (up to the Dec 2017 build) had very poor dts performance, and most 3D movies with dts audio would have severe stutter and/or lip sync issues.  So far the 12/2016 build seems to be pretty much rock solid for 3D mvc playback.   However, this build does have a problem in my setup.   The gui and bluray mkv files are not displaying with the correct AR.   There is a little portion of both the left and right side of the screen that has black bars,that should not be there.   I have tried changing the fps/frequency and sometimes this will get the gui interface to remove the left/right thin black bars, but once a bluray rip is started they return, and usually the gui has them also.  This problem happens with 3D & non 3D mkv files however, the problem in 3D movies is noticed less even though its there.  One last note, not sure if it means anything, but a sampling of a few of the hdddvd mkv files have shown those are displaying correctly without the thin bars on the left & right sides of the screen.    Just to make sure its not my avr, bypassed it and connected the display directly to the ap34, but same problem.    This problem is not seen when watching television with the mythTV add-on, that content is displayed fine.    The television is a 2016 LG 65" OLED.      Any suggestions?

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