Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Guys, please help. My configuration is quite simple, I have a HDMI HUB to use Ambilight (Dreamscreen) where I connected the PS4 (HDR ready) and Asrock BeeBox with KODI 3D MVC, here I can play 4K or 3D and I already know that (for now?) Kodi is not HDR capable. In my LG TV I have 2 HDMI ports, the first (HDMI 1) with HDR active (LG call it: Ultra HD deep color), the 2nd, HDMI 3, where HDR is off.

Well, problem is that if I use the HDMI 1 port with HDR, Kodi 3D doesn't work, the "Hardware" setting is not shown at all. Obliviously it works perfect on HDMI 3 where the HDR is off.
So, for now I have to make a choice. Use PS4 HDR without Ambilight, or use both Kodi and PS4 with Ambilight, but without HDR.

The question is, why Kodi disable the 3D hardware setting if from TV I activate the Ultra HD deep color (HDR)??
Really don't understand which is the correlation between HDMI TV setting and Kodi/Beebox.

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