Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
brazen1 : Sorry, but I don't have any patient to decode your overly gloomy and intricate wording, regarding what exactly? You just seem to will deny and confute my statement somehow (and no matter how), but even your basic idea stills completely unclear. 

What I have said (to be clear again): If a board like this Asrock would be capable of issue-free HDR and 3D playback, than it would be the best -budgetwise- solution for HTPC builders.

Oh, so we got these NUC's beside. OK, let's say that the new Gemini Lake NUC's could stay under this price range, but still: if Gemini Lake, than there will be no HDR support for it from Intel. You still need at least an i3 to get a HDR working IGP. So it just won't get that green tick from me.

Lucas ReyMaybe you could try to switch off the HDR mode (to "force" it to stay SDR only) in your TV's menu manually to get 3D working. Just guessing tho'. Or you will need an Amblilight HUB with two separate HDMI outputs. Or as a third solution (it's a bit "weirder") you could put a 4K/HDR capable HDMI switch (with one in and two outputs) right after the Ablilight HUB and one cable goes in the HDMI 1 and the other in the HDMI 3 port.
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