Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2018-03-08, 07:44)Mount81 Wrote: Lucas ReyMaybe you could try to switch off the HDR mode (to "force" it to stay SDR only) in your TV's menu manually to get 3D working. Just guessing tho'.
Sure, with HDR switched off from TV setting, everything works perfect, and 3D works too. But in that way I cannot enjoy PS4 HDR games.
Quote:Or you will need an Amblilight HUB with two separate HDMI outputs.
Nope, Dreamscreen has only 1 HDMI output
Quote:or as a third solution (it's a bit "weirder") you could put a 4K/HDR capable HDMI switch (with one in and two outputs) right after the Ablilight HUB and one cable goes in the HDMI 1 and the other in the HDMI 3 port.
Yes, this is the solution I already thinked since this is the only way to have 3D, Ambilight, and HDR working. Why you define it "weirder"? BTW, I never had a HDMI switch, I'm wondering if it changes automatically the output and I have only to change TV HDMI output, or I have to add another remote for the HDMI switch Huh
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