Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Sorry for the OFF, but just as for warning (from what I've read in another reliable Forum):

Current Zidoo's have some PQ deficiencies with clipping.
Also: have troubles with incorrect DVD aspect ratio, 25p, 50i, 50p all switches output to 50i, and has some framedrop issues as well, due to not 100% matching freq switching: 
1080p29.97 -> 1080p29.965
720p30 -> 720p24
1080p23.976 -> 1080p23.972
2160p59.94 -> 2160p29.965
2160p23.976 -> 2160p23.972 

This last maybe related to the Realtek SOC and all players equipped with it in general (apparently also including the new flagship Dunes, so beware). 

My Q10 Pro still plays 3D ISO's on 24Hz rather than 23.976, but I guess there's still not any all-round matching alternative that I would switch for in the Android Player era. 

Still -not so- OFF: I would be interested in to see some feedback regarding how 2200G / 2200GE with Vega 8 IGPs perform in 3D MVC with the -yet- possible playback solutions.
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