Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2018-07-27, 20:56)batelcho Wrote: Asrock J4105 bios 1.30 here.

Doesn't work for me on WIN 10
Powerdvd, Stereoscopic player, or Kodi(no hardware based option), non of them handles MVC BD3D correctly. My projector(pro7827hd) just switches to 1920x2205p and thats it, the  picture is 2D.
Strangely if i play mk3d(FTAB flagged) with powerdvd v15.0.1510.58(v18 can't do it) picture goes doubled but I don't have glasses yet and I can't  test it.
I'll probably use pcie mining extension slot for external GPU.
Well ....native hdmi 2.0a with no usage at all no HDR or 3D ....
Is your KODI  / Windows GUI set to 1080p or UHD? I guess you should try first to set the GUI to FHD / 60Hz and than try to see what happens whit 3D MVC switching.

Your other 3D options would be PowerDVD, Stereoscopic Player, Jriver and as for a free solution DSPlayer with MadVR.
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