Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2018-10-04, 17:38)K0D1User1138 Wrote: You came to this thread and said you don't believe the problem users are experiencing is caused by Windows. When refuted you doubled down and blamed everyone but the root issue, Windows changing something that broke what was working. Everything else is just mud flinging. 

The refresh rate issue isn't exclusive to this version of Kodi but you didn't take 5 seconds to Google that. Here's the first thing Google reports back, last post from 3 weeks ago and oh look, Windows broke "official" Kodi.

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Problems with PLEX

This is an issue that's been going on since the Fall Creators update of 2017. What WAS working suddenly stopped. For myself and I'm sure many others using Kodi that worked in the manner we like and then suddenly stopped is a big issue. If the solution to that issue is to roll back any Windows update that continue to break this functionality that's hardly "being outdated" if you use your HTPC or NUC or whatever as mainly a Kodi machine. Why do I need to invest more time and money into your alternatives when I can spend 5 minutes undoing Windows forced update and be back watching my movies again in full MVC 3D with lossless immersive audio, enjoy Cinema Vision and go on like so for the next several months until the next forced and still broken update? 

It's not only Windows that has changed something that broke functionality but Intel has as well. Their 8th Gen CPU's are no good for MVC 3D, at least when it comes to Kodi. Should we all ditch our current 7th Gen perfectly working CPU's and spend more money looking for various alternatives because we aren't "advanced" enough for your opinion? 

If this version of Kodi is never again updated and Windows continues to have issues with it's updates I'm perfectly happy to use this outdated, broken and un-maintained version of Kodi with my last gen outdated hardware that still fully functions as I enjoy it to (with only very minor quibbles) and my maintenance will be to keep what I have working until the physical equipment dies completely. Then I'll try and find replacements for this same equipment. I mean I'm not going out to buy a whole new Mercedes because my Dodge got a flat tire. I'll fix the flat. And when people express they are having the issues described I'll inform them of what they need to do. If they want to run out and get a new Mercedes to deal with their flat that's their choice to make.
 I'm not sure 8th gen CPUs are actually the problem with newer hardware.
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