Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
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(2018-10-04, 17:38)K0D1User1138 Wrote: The refresh rate issue isn't exclusive to this version of Kodi but you didn't take 5 seconds to Google that. Here's the first thing Google reports back, last post from 3 weeks ago and oh look, Windows broke "official" Kodi.

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Had you spent 5 seconds to read your google linked search instead of the headline, you'd see I actually posted in that thread months ago exactly what I posted here.

Let me give you a real world, real time example:  Right this very second I'm testing skins for KODI v.18 since I am now using it as a daily driver.  It is common knowledge that every time a new version of KODI is released, multiple changes must be made in skins if you want them to be usable with the new version.  I'm noticing of all the skins I've tested so far, there are only two that don't have what I consider a core function flaw and for hard core users like myself, it's pretty major.  I seriously doubt any of the skinners are aware of the problem and that any of them will get revamped before v.18 is released.  It would take many confirmations by others to raise an eyebrow and that isn't going to happen imo.  But in the event it is problematic down the line for too many, all these skins will need to rework themselves to conform with the new KODI v.18;  Much like how software will need to update and conform to the new Windows 1809 update, let alone the previous updates if they haven't adjusted for them as the software continues to sink deeper into a hole.

So if the problem with many of the skins becomes critical, should the blame and finger pointing be directed at KODI v.18 or the skins themselves?  Folks like yourself will be leading the pack demanding KODI developers fix what they broke.  In essence, KODI shouldn't advance so that the skins will remain what they've always been and likewise either should Windows.  Furthermore your advice would be to not use KODI v.18 because it is evil and to keep living in the past since that is the only sensible thing to do rather than use a skin that updated properly and works.  I don't know about Dodges and flat tires but if your advice to others is to just keep driving slowly on that flat rather than fix it and drive normal, you can keep your advice.  Furthermore, to blame the road instead of your bald tire claiming a new one isn't worth the money is ridiculous.  
 Where did I DEMAND Kodi devs fix what they broke? Simply stated Windows has done something that affects refresh rate changes. That buggers things up for people who want to use Kodi as their MVC 3D player. The fix is to roll back the Windows update until Windows doesn't cause the break or a new version of Kodi that plays MVC 3D with Windows updated works. It's not hard to figure out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And yes, 8th Gen Intel CPU's have also done something to negatively affect MVC 3D playback. Hence why I just bought a new 7th gen to be another dedicated Kodi machine. 
 It seems 8th Gen CPU NUCs have issues with MVC playback but this is not the same as 8th Gen CPUs. My Supermicro with I3-8300S works fine for MVC playback (Just not with the Kodi MVC Build).
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