Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Hi @afedchin

so I could try it and here are my results:

1st try:
I Installed it over my existing MVC Kodi installation (December 2017 Build) which worked well and all the settings were still there. But it was very unstable.
- MVC Blu-ray ISOs instantly crashed Kodi
- 2D Blu-ray ISOs played well
- PVR Live TV also frequently crashed Kodi
- enabling 3D just for the Kodi menu worked well

2nd try:
I uninstalled everything, deleted the profile and reinstalled the new build.
- MVC Blu-rays ISOs played well and activated my active 3D glasses, but the movie wasn't 3D at all and it was a pain to watch
- 2D Bluray ISOs played well
- PVR live TV was running well and stable

Is this because I built a 64Bit release? I wasn't able to build a 32 Bit one though.

as you can see it's not worth sharing that build
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