Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2019-02-05, 09:05)Morpog Wrote:
(2019-02-05, 01:50)hdmkv Wrote: Nice work @Morpog! I've moved on to Zidoo X9S from Intel h/w, but this is a nice gift (with @afedchin being busy) for pure Kodi 3D fans. Updated post #1 linking to your builds.
 Thx! Btw small typo there --> Updated February 4, 201Smile
on a side note kodi 18 rc5 has great bluray playback with shield of 4k bdmv. Tested this morning. Was impressed. The shield would have been awesome with 3d support. Sad they wouldn't give it to us.

x9s is great. I just picked up a z9s as well. to graduate to the android 7.0 platform. I had way too much Ebay bucks expiring and had to do something with it. was running out of time si z9s it is.
KODI1: NUC 5240wyk 3D/KodiFork 3DMVC/ Shield 2D and 4K HDR/  ATV4K 2D/4K HDR/DV AVR1: Denon AVRX7200WA DISP1: LG OLED77G6P /3D/HDR/DV
KODI2: Shield 2D and 4K HDR / ATV4K 2D4K/HDR/DV AVR2: Marantz NR16037 DISP2: LG OLED55C6P/3D/HDR/DV
KODI3: Shield 2D and 4K HDR/ Zidoo X9S 3DMVC /ATV4K 2D/4K HDR/DV AVR3: Denon AVR-X3300 DISP3: LG OLED65G6P/3D/HDR/DV
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