KODI freeze when TV as a default screen after boot
I'm running KODI 16 on Intel ITX (4 cores, 4GB RAM) and Tvheadend as DVB-T TV server.
When TV is set as default screen after startup, after KODI starts, "importing epg from clients" takes place. However two times out of three whole process freeze and you cannot even control KODI and you need to restart the whole machine (though SSH works, so you can just kill KODI to repeat the startup).
Some facts:
- freeze takes place in different percentage of the process each time (sometimes from the very beginning, sometimes almost at the end)
- during "import freeze" I can easily connect to Tvheadend web and stream whatever into the browser
- if I restart or stop Tvheadend, nothing happens on KODI (it is already frozen)
- android remote "KODI" or "Yatse" cannot see KODI during the freeze as well
- now I'm using 2 tuners for one network and 1 tuner to another network in Tvheadend (also tried with 1 tuner only, 2 and 4 tuners in same network as well, still same issue. Seems resource deadlock is not problem here)

Any hints?
Checking "do not update EPG during playback" so far fixed the issue, I'll be watching it for next couple of days if the issue is really back.
This issue also occurs in Kodi 15.2 running on Ubuntu Linux 14.04, and it is just as you say, it happens at startup when TVHeadEnd is the backend and while it is importing data (basically while the percentage spinner is visible on the screen). It is only Kodi that freezes, the rest of the system works fine. Since I am running Desktop Ubuntu I set up a button on my remote to start Kodi and rather than just blindly start it, it runs a script that first checks to see if there are any instances of Kodi already running, and if so it kills them first before starting the new instance. So whenever it freezes I just wait a few seconds to make sure it's really froze and then press the button that starts Kodi again. It usually starts fine on the second attempt, with no reboot necessary, although Ubuntu may pop up a box saying there was some kind of internal error and suggest rebooting if the problem persists (that will not be visible while Kodi is running)

I do have "Prevent Updates During Playback" checked. As far as I can tell this only affects Kodi on Linux; I do not see it happen when running Kodi in OS X (there are other issues there though, so switching operating systems just trades one set of issues for another). Just a data point, it's annoying but on the scale of things that annoy me about Kodi it's not nearly as annoying as some other things that used to work fine but don't anymore (which is why I will not upgrade to Jarvis on my HTPC's).
With disabled "Prevent Updates During Playback" the issue reoccurred today.
Also having disabled automatic playback of TV when KODI starts the problem was there and KODI freeze when "Loading program data from database".
Now I disabled "Storing EPG data in local DB" and I'll continue watching for issue. There might be problem with the loading EPG from local DB. We'll see.
So far no freeze, when I turned on again "Storing EPG data in local DB", immediate freeze after next KODI start appeared.
I think this is the root cause.
The same problem on RPi - I have to restart Kodi too many times to start it without freeze.
Turning off "Storing EPG data in local DB" does not help
Debug logs would help.
I think it's the same problem I have:
(2016-04-02, 17:07)leeon Wrote: So far no freeze, when I turned on again "Storing EPG data in local DB", immediate freeze after next KODI start appeared.
I think this is the root cause.

I tink I can confirm this. I also disabled this option and made 10 restarts. No problem so far
Nobody cares ?

Please fix it . http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16624

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KODI freeze when TV as a default screen after boot0
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