Release - Mimic 4.x for Krypton (discontinued)

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m2c2 Offline
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In v17.Beta:5 I'm getting: CAddonInstallJob[skin.mimic]: failed to install dependency script.mimic.extras

I noted a post mentioning that there were "known skin issues" in this one of those?
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braz Offline
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(2016-11-22 23:53)m2c2 Wrote:  In v17.Beta:5 I'm getting: CAddonInstallJob[skin.mimic]: failed to install dependency script.mimic.extras

I noted a post mentioning that there were "known skin issues" in this one of those?

Just checked, that script is still in the repo so it should work. It's working on my test machine at least. FYI, I replaced that script in Mimic 5 with a custom dialog xml.
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m2c2 Offline
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I just figured out I was missing a directory: C:\Users\mmcclure\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\temp
As soon as I added this TEMP folder, the repo (v4.x) install worked. I'm fairly patient...I can wait for 5.x to be published.
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bobi1024 Offline
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I'm so sad. I've tried Mimic 5 but I just don't like it. Switched back to 4 for Kodi Krypton and will stay on version 4 until it totally crashes or becomes unusable.
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adambollinger Offline
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Anyone know how to get the light theme working again? It worked for me in Jarvis. I can see that the themes folder contains the light folder, but the themes option is grayed out in the interface settings in Kodi 17.
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manuelriver36 Offline
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(2016-04-03 08:52)braz Wrote:  After seeing Team Kodi switch the default theme for Kodi 17, I decided to take the plunge and replace Mimic 4.x with the version I've been working on the past few months. While it doesn't have as many home customization options as v4, the code is much cleaner and there are many new features. It has also become too difficult to maintain 2 versions of the skin. If I went with Mimic 4 for the life of Kodi 17, it would have only received fixes for major bugs and not much else. By switching to Mimic 5, it will be much better supported. Hope those of you that are completely satisfied with v4 will understand.

1. To imitate
Synonyms: resemble, look like, have the appearance of

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Users of this skin will quickly see the resemblance to two of my favorite skins, Aeon Nox and reFocus. Even as Mimic borrows from both of these skins, my hope is that it will develop into its own style over time. Many thanks to BigNoid for his work on Aeon Nox, on which this skin is based. I've used many of the available skins since discovering XBMC/Kodi, but always returned to one of the Nox variations for its feature set and clear navigation. Also thank you to Jeroen, creator of reFocus, whose clean design and attention to detail were an inspiration for this skin. Mimic also borrows some of the great views from reFocus such as Gallery and BigList. More recently, this skin now "mimics" features from Arctic Zephyr and its mods, fTV, and Phil65's skin.

Required Addons

These addons will automatically install when installing Mimic from the repository. Supported Addons
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why don't the home widgets work with a mouse?
    The skin is designed for use with a remote or keyboard, mouse support is limited. For best results using a mouse or touch device, be sure to enable the skin setting to show the home widgets all the time. Skin Settings --> Home window --> Always show home widgets
  2. Why isn't rss text displayed when using the Feedreader screensaver?
    I've modified the skin for this addon to only display photos. One source of photo rss feeds is flickr. Try using the following rss link, replacing "yosemite" with your preferred keyword.
    You can also use your favorite flickr group. Just use the following code after updating the group's id, which you can find by pasting the group's url here:
    Code:[email protected]
    If you prefer the original Feedreader display, delete script-Feedreader-Main.xml from the skin's 1080i folder.
  3. Why are some of my random fanart backgrounds black, or why don't my thumbnails show up?
    This is likely caused by missing or corrupted images in your texture cache. I suggest using the Texture Cache Maintenance Utility to clean up and repair your cached textures. It is also useful for finding duplicate media in your library and updating IMDb ratings. I posted a guide to setting it up in Window 8.1.
  4. Why isn't artwork displayed in the music playlist window?
    Try removing \Kodi\cache\

Mimic is now on Transifex. Sign up to translate the skin strings into your preferred language.


Mimic 4.x is now available in the Kodi repository. The source is available here:

If you would like to express your appreciation for this skin, please consider a donation to the XBMC Foundation.

Thanks for this wonderful skin, I still use it in 17.3 and I think the best of all, a shame that this discontinued, but it is understood, thanks again, sorry for my bad English, I only speak Spanish
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