Feature Request - Why Re-Touched is the best skin for mouse enabled cases and a few shortcomings
I would like to praise the developers specifically for this great skin they 've created, as I am literally using it in every device I have at my disposal:

  1. My wife's smartphone and Fedora 23 Linux laptop (Kodi 16)
  2. My Core i7 Windows 7 laptop (Kodi 16)
  3. My mother's antiX (Debian Stable) Linux laptop (Kodi 15.2)
  4. and pretty much on every build I do for friends

It is so easy to use and lean, with navigation buttons and shortcuts in the main screen, without the "fanfare" and other bubbles. It has all the necessary customization options and nothing seems to be missing when compared to other mighty skins.

However there are a couple of things I 'd like to ask, as I don't know if these are actually bugs:

  1. When I watch a video and like to navigate the menu there is no direct way to do, other than just clicking the right button on my mouse.
  2. combined with the above, I can't easily go back to video and watch it fullscreen, in fact I don't know how to!
  3. How can I turn off or change to other function, the battery icon, top right?
  4. The on-screen keyboard has no escape button, is it possible to add one?
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Why Re-Touched is the best skin for mouse enabled cases and a few shortcomings31