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Official Request for a "CenterStage" skin
On McGuyver's thread, I noticed a theme, based on MAC's media centre, called "CentreStage". A french chap did one about a year ago now, and can be found here:

Would anyone be willing to re-create this for the 2.1 skinning engine? If this were available I think it be one of the cleanest skins out there?

here's hoping someone would relish the challenge.

I'll dable, it doesnt have any of the newer skin tags for visability or the like at present no text at all is visible despite the fact they are present... will keep posted accordingly but it shant become a new religion Wink
#3 MUST make it a new religion Harsh.

Use the force, young padawan
Anyone thought about taking this one up at all?

I reckon it would be a nice addition to the skin library!

Official Request for a "CenterStage" skin00