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Hi, I know this is an old thread but I recently started using AppTV on my 4 chd modded AppleTV 1Gs. I had previously used Quartz on them running linux hardy with XBMC Frodo (kudos to pecinko for a wonderful skin).

Now I have upgraded to chewitts custom openElec 6.1 with chd drivers compiled in which runs Kodi Isengaard (Jarvis though available via omc with chd works but is really laggy on the atv 1 using way too much ram) which of course means I am limited to AppTV 1.2.3 due to lack of Isengaard compatibility for later versions. Anyway kudos to wyrm on this great atv skin.

To the point though I also found the "flying thumbnails" annoying so thanks to those in this thread that showed how to manually disable them.

For openElec it's a bit different than outlined above.

As mentioned you have to kill kodi first, on OE use this via ssh (note with OE you are already logged in as root so no need for sudo):

systemctl stop kodi

On OE you have to go to .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml (which you can also mount via samba) and look for this line:

<setting type="bool" name="skin.apptv.lowspec-system">false</setting>

then set it to true.

To reboot the atv, I just do it via ssh with:

systemctl restart kodi

... or you can reboot the atv with:


This appears to hold the setting across reboots as well as skin changes from and back to AppTV.

One question though, do I understand it correctly that setting "lowspec-system" only affects the flying thumbnails? Whenever I change a setting like this I like to make sure I fully understand what affect it is having.

Thanks again wyrm for a nice skin (once I figured out that I had to use custom favorites to make "Recent" as a sub selection under the menu bar).

One other side note semi-unrelated for those using an old atv 1 to further speed up the gui you can add this to your advancedsettings.xml (same directory as the guisettings.xml):


Both of these changes should make the gui about as fast as it's going to get especially with a fairly light skin like AppTV.

Thanks again wyrm!

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