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i can't find lines 120 to 129 in the xml... is it marked 120-129?
Hi I am really enjoying this modded skin! However I have only one problem: artwork displayed from the homescreen of my TV shows and movies is pixelated / blurry. I know it is a mild inconvenience but is there a fix I could implement? The artwork / fanart for individual episodes is crystal clear when clicking on a TV show season.

Many thanks.  Smile
I would have liked that favorites will be shown as the original estuary, selecting the tab will appear on the right side.
But I'm late to give the suggestion in V17.x and modify the skin seems complicated. Anyway, it's a lovely skin
Hi, guys.
I have a problem with working together OSMC (kodi 17.6, sql base library) with Estuary MOD - KODI 17 and global search. Something goes wrong and search finds nothing. And after finding nothing I even can't exit to any other menus - just restart service of reboot.
Yep I've always had this problem.
(2018-11-12, 21:12)simonk83 Wrote: Yep I've always had this problem.
 Can it be fixed or worked around ? Or better to use a new version with kodi 18 ? Is there the same problem in it ?
(2017-10-23, 11:04)viperlogic Wrote:
(2017-10-17, 15:53)viperlogic Wrote: What is the best way to achieve the following... I want main menu entries for specific folders on my HDD (eg 3D, Kids etc)

I'm aware of settings -> skin settings -> Home Menu -> Customize Main Menu. What causes me some confusion is what to chose for "Choose item for menu" to achieve above?

After some messing around I achieved this using favourites and smart playlist, not sure its the right way but its close to what I was looking for  

Did you also achieve to create widgets for this new menu entry that only contain elements out of this smart playlist (favorite), like for example a "recently added" widget that only contains the recently added movies out of the Kids folder?
I cannot get that to work, I always end up getting the recently added out of the whole movies folder. Note: my Kids movies are a subfolder of the movies.
Is anyone else having problems with widgets on custom menu items.

I have a menu item called Music Video for all my Music DVD/Blue Ray rips and it works partly ok, i can navigate the categories, go into them and even see the widgets i created but i can't do anything with the widgets, i can only scroll left and right on my categories but the widgets i can't do anything it's as if the widgets are just part of the background so i can't go up or down, left or right or do anything with the widgets. When i change menus, refresh skin, restart Kodi etc they update and change the posters of rips as they are set to random but that's as far as it goes.

Is this a problem only i am experiencing?
(2016-04-04, 01:45)Guilouz Wrote: I share my custom skin based on Estuary.

Thanks to phil65 and Piers.

KODI 17 Krypton ONLY !

Development is discontinued for this version. Support was given at minus0. I only dedicated myself to Estuary MOD V2 for Kodi 18 : http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=306757

Features :

• Support for 21:9 screens
• Possibility to change skin color
• Movies, TV Shows and Custom Hubs
• Skin Shortcuts addon support
• LibreELEC Configuration / OpenELEC Configuration addons support
• Artwork Downloader addon support
• TV Show Next Aired addon support
• Global Search addon support
• Play Album addon support
• Nextup Service Notification addon support
• RSS Editor addon support
• CU LRC Lyrics addon support
• Library Editor Script addon support
• Clearlogos support
• ClearArts support
• CDArts support
• Extrafanarts support
• Studios icons support
• Record labels icons support
• Weather icons support
• Backup / Restore skin settings
• Possibility to change background opacity
• Kiosk Mode
• More in changelog...

Changes :

See : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Guilou...ngelog.txt

Music Artworks :

It's easily to configure music artwork with context menu :

Image Image

Image Image

If you want to use your own artworks, your artist folder should look like this :


Files naming for 3D / Dolby Atmos / DTS-X / DVD / Blu-Ray flag icons :

Your filenames must contains :

atmos for ATMOS audio flag like : Batman Atmos.mkv / Batman - Atmos.mkv / Batman.Atmos.mkv

dtsx / dts-x for DTS-X audio flag like : Batman DTS-X.mkv / Batman.dts-x.mkv / Batman dtsx.mkv etc...

3d / 3D for 3D flag like : Batman 3D.mkv / Batman - 3D.mkv / Batman.3D.mkv

dvd / DVD for DVD flag like : Batman - DVD.iso / Batman (dvd).iso etc...

bluray / blu-ray / bdrip / BLURAY / BLU-RAY / BDRIP for Blu-Ray flag like : Batman Bluray.iso / Batman - bdrip.iso / Batman (Blu-Ray).iso etc...

Customizing widgets :

For preconfigured widgets, you can change each default widgets but you can't remove one of them.

Preconfigured widgets (video, movies, tv shows, music video, music) : Can be change but not remove.

Custom widgets : Fully customizable. You can add up to 6 widgets.

Required Add-ons :

- Script SkinShortcuts : This addon is needed to personnalize home menu and widgets.
- Marcelveldt's BETA repository : Repo from Marcelveldt to install Skin Helper Service and necessary dependencies.
- script.module.thetvdb : This addon is needed for Skin Helper Service.
- script.module.musicbrainz : This addon is needed for Skin Helper Service.
- Script ExtendedInfo : This addon is needed to show additionnal infos about movies, tv shows and musics.
- Skin Helper Service Skin Backup : This addon is needed to backup/restore skin settings.
- Skin Helper Service Color Picker : This addon is needed to change colors.
- Skin Helper Service Widgets : This addon is needed to use widgets.
- Script PlayAlbum : This addon is needed to play album on album infos screen.
- Script Image Ressource Select : This addon is needed to select weather icons, studio logos, etc...
- AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard : This addon is needed to show autocompletion of keyboard.

Additionnal Add-ons :

- Library Data Provider : This addon is required to add more widgets.
- Next Up Notification : This addon shows a popup next up notification automatically to prompt for playing the next unwatched episode.
- Artwork Downloader : This addon can automaticaly download all available artwork for your movies/tv shows in your library.
- Global Search : This addon lets you search content in your library.
- Youtube : This addon is required to watch trailers.
- cu.lrclyrics : This addon is required to display lyrics from songs.
- Library Editor Script : This addon is required to edit info in your library.

NB : All links are the latest from github.

Installation :

- In Kodi go to "Settings / Add-ons / Install from Zip file".
- Select downloaded ZIP file.
- Once installed, go to "Settings / Add-ons / Install from repository / Guilouz Repository / Look and feel / Skin" and install Estuary MOD (KODI 17).
- Select the skin to "Settings / Appearance / Skin".

Download link Guilouz Repository :


It's repository, my MOD will be automatically updated by Kodi (auto updates must be enable in Kodi settings).

Donate :

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