Project: Pandora (Skin Concept Idea)
I'll code in whatever title you want, but the faded grey element in the middle is a graphic, and that is all mike.

Do you have any more mockups for me to code, or any of the graphic elements done?
Thats it for now McGyver...I'm now part of the official skinning team, so I will get to it as soon as I can.

Please dont take it the wrong way McGyver because I am happy with how yu've jumped onto this, but I have asked Chi3f to principally code the theme as and when it's comes along...but with family and teamXBMC commitments Pandora will be an "as and when I can" project
No problem, I will go back to my normal job, writing angry letters to the government. Smile I was looking forward to the challenge though.
hey....I've no idea what is going to happen yet...we;ll have to wait and see. I want Pandora up and running so much and so quickly. I got to get the sizing convention, etc correct first
Gamester17 added me to the SVN awhile back in January, so when they've created your SVN folder just add me to it, and I'll code whatever you need.
ok....thanks for the offer mate Smile
mikebeecham Wrote:actually, I'm thinking of removing that XBMC Media Center text completely, and working the official logo into that area, but making it more greyscale with the exception of the XMBC and the stripe underneath...they would be the red is use...

Should look, how you call, PIMP!!


I've done something similar to this... psd is available here Big Grin
I dont have PS at work...can you drop it into a jpg and repost for me please.
Saved as a png to keep the transparency Smile

So how is this skin coming along? It looks really nice!
Im loving that video's menu, simple but still lots of info, it reminds me slightly of XTV - you should do the movie information the same, where it pops up under the Cover :-D

Hope progress is going well.

Hi Stanley...progress is slow, but progress is still progress Smile

As I am new to skinning, I am learning as I go. The home page, I feel, is created and Chi3f is coding it for me as we speak. He's doing an absoltuely sterling job of working on this, despite me never having skinned before and us both being in different time zones. It's a little difficult, but we're going forward rather than backwards.

I'll keep you posted.
This and Vision are the only ones I need and look forward to seeing a stable final version of.
I especially like the album view with the track listing, although I understand if it poses some problems in 4:3 format.
How's it going?
Any updates on the progress?
yeah....the home page is pretty much done at the moment (may need slight tweaking) and we are now onto the Music Page.

I think you'll find it a little different from what you're used to, but hopefully it's going to look nice. A slight difference from the mock-ups, but not too much.
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