Project: Pandora (Skin Concept Idea)
wreezig Wrote:Looks good, but I have some suggestions for the icons. First, the music icon looks better if it's something that actually looks like something "music-wise". Like headphones or such. That ipod-thingy could be anything.

And the pictures icon looks like a camcorder, so it's not as clear at a quick look if it's pictures or movies. An old fashioned camera?

Just some personal thoughts.

Good thoughts. However, it's not an's a Zune player which, being Microsoft, we thought was quite apt. I really dont want to go down the line of headphones, etc as they are all over-used and a bit cliche'd.

My mistake on the I posted up the video camera for pictures. I actually did a digital camera icon, and forgot to post that one up. I did icons for both TV Shows and Videos / movies...that was the icon!

Projections on release exposure?
nope..I know you've got the "skins never get released" bit between your teeth lately, but unfortunately I dont have an eta. It will get finished when the coder finishes it.

If I was a skinner complete, then I would give you an ETA, knowing that I would be coding and designing. However, I am designing the skin, and someone else is coding. I have made it crystal clear that I dont want Pandora getting in the way of Real Life stuff, and that they keep me informed of where we are with it every few days.

I can tell you that pretty much all graphics are done for it now, and the basics are being put in place. The home screen is all but done, and a new media view has been implemented (and works). We are continuing to work on it as we go.
great looking skin!!!Big GrinBig Grin

Im really loving that music view...thats just sweeet...any chance of a beta coming out soon?(or is one already out?)
so.. any news on that one? :X
It's sad to see a project/skin like this go dead. Sad
And here I was like "WTF did this come from?".
Yeah it was looking kinda cool. Simple and very clean.
I still should love to see this skin come to life. Smile
Same here, those screens look amazing
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