skin settings not saving
hi ive just updated to kodi v17 and for some reason changes i make in skin settings (removing music and weather from home screen) dont take. As soon as i reboot there back.
I have tried it on 2 android boxes and it wont save settings but for some reason on my galaxy tab pro it will.

all other settings seem to be saving ok.
figured a work around for now if i remove them and then change theme to the older one reboot and then load it back up and switch back to estuary their still gone
I've noticed this issue on my Windows box running Kodi 16. I've found that I have to actually quit Kodi (from the quit menu in the skin) in order for skin settings to be saved. If I simply terminate the process, the skin (any skin) reverts back to the most recently (properly) saved settings. So this might not be unique to Kodi 17 or Estuary. Or I have a different problem. That's always possible. Wink
skin settings will indeed only be saved when you quit kodi.
so you need to exit kodi properly. don't shutdown/reboot your system while kodi is still running.
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I have tried quiting from the power button in kodi and it still doesn't save
This is happening to me with my kodi v17 recently updated till the last version as i am writting (march 07 of 2017)

I cannot set properly the "player settings", i try setting 5 seconds of delay between images in Images tab, but the changes hardly occur.
I might have recognized that a multiple of 9 is happening instead of the time i set properly. For example, if i set 9 seconds, it will be aprox. 45 seconds effectively. If i set 2 seconds, it will be ~18 seconds effectively.

I don't know if it is related or not, i recently changed from OSMC default skin to Estuary.[/align]
I'm also having this same problem after upgrading from 16.1. Raspberry pi 2 libreelec. I have to keep changing the screen size from desktop back to 1080 and show weather under clock every day. Not shutting down or restarting at night.
RPi3+ LE v9.0 (+ HDHomeRun ATSC tuner, Tvh, Comskip, zap2epg)

A95X LE v8.2 (kszaq)

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