Best backend on a raspberry pi?
I have dreams of setting up a backend running on a raspberry pi. I've seen some mentions of people getting mythtv working like this, but looking at the installation process it's fairly intimidating for a newb, and seems maybe a little heavy for a raspberry pi. This got me wondering if there was maybe a better choice for a backend running on a pi. Any opinions?
My choice would be TVHeadend. Its easy to install, relatively easy to set up and just 'works'. I did originally use mythtv as a backend but switched to tvh about 2 years ago.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
thanks I'll check it out!
Same "dreams" [or nightmares] as redec here.

Currently using Win 7/WMC/ServerWMC and while it does the job most of the time, I don't want to keep a power intensive windows pc running running 24/7. Also the Win10 fiasco does not sound too exciting.

All want is a WMC/ServerWMC similar experience from some backend system on a Raspberry PI. Just a stand alone backend accessed via a web page that could handle DVR capabilities for a 2 tuner HD Homerun OTA setup.

Here is the real dream part, it would be fantastic if one could purchase a preloaded NOOB SD [or other] with all the RaspberryPI stuff along with the PVR backend software already configured minus the IP address and of course available station information.

Other than a very nice Christmas MegaTree lighting display I have yet to ever get anything Linux related running hence the NOOB requirement.

Even though I have written thousands of assembly programs for 8 core true multitasking micros, I have a brain block when it comes to Linux and in 2016 we should not have to spend days using highly cryptic command codes assuming we even know what has to be loaded/configured.

Is this just a dream? Can the Raspberry Pi do this single task without any compromise?
Have you looked into this? -

Simple solution to bring live TV and recordings to RPi no need for additional servers and very simple configuration
Thanks TVGrrr. I will certainly look into this.

I have tried and failed to get a RPi3 / LibreElec/ TVHeadend to work as the live and recorded images are just a jumble of colors.

I have been successful, partially, getting a RPi3 / OSMC / TVHeadend/backend to reliably record OTA. Only the EPG is missing.

After a deep dive, for me, into the Linux syntax, and the help of many others on various forum, I have been able to get the OSMC / TVHeadend/backend to write directly to my NAS drive. That achievement made a huge difference and all my 3 KODI clients work fine pointing at my NAS.

What I cannot get operating in this configuration is the EPG. I tried an addon which was developed for OpenElec / TVHeadend/backend and even though it installed fine and allowed me to configure my login/password for Zap2it it does not generate any EPG or error message for that matter. Not a real surprise as OpenElec is not OSMC but I thought a KODI addon might work. Not!

For whatever reason the OSMC version of TVHeadend/backend works perfectly with my HDHR Extend OTA tuner where LibreElec failed.

Side Note: Anyone using an HDHR tuner and occasionally seeing the vertical image stretched out 3x normal? Usually happens after a few breaks in the video and audio and sometimes returns to normal after a commercial. I had this happening all the time and SiliconDust replaced the tuner which worked well for a couple of months and it now has returned albeit very infrequently. I have seen this on my NVIDIA Shield Kodi client, my RPi 3 LibreElec Kodi client and my Win 7 Kodi client.
@wurlizer1928 the vbox takes the guide directly from the OTA - so no configuration or external sources are needed - and you can either use the vbox Kodi add-on or if you are using a 3rd party app get the guide in XMLTV format as a link from the vbox
you can also record directly to a NAS
BTW if you are only looking for EPG you can look into - if you have a supported device
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