Skin settings won't save
Hi all, first post and tried to find the answers to no avail. If it is posted, my apologies.
Running Android, Jarvis 16.0, confluence.
I set up my shortcuts, weather, etc but on restart all the settings are GONE! I am left with a blank setup. All my addons and other programs, etc are still there but not my startup shortcuts, weather, etc. settings!
Any help is totally appreciated, and btw, thanks for all you guys do! KODI rocks!
I'm having the same issue with the Amber skin. I assumed it was a skin issue but maybe it's something with Kodi.
Here's the link the question incase there's an answer there.
Got it figured out, but will write solution in the morning. Off to bed. Sunday night and it's STILL snowing here....arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh
Oh well, at least we have KODI...
Hopefully the snow keeps you at home so you can share this special sauce.
I'm having the same issues on latest Milhouse build for RPi2. Whats your solution to this?
I've logged a trac ticket for this as it seems to be affecting multiple skins. Thanks.
Someone needs to go knock on plantkiller's door. He's been in bed for eight days! Wink
I wonder if there is any update on this/ I have been driving myself bats trying to altar the settings but they don't save. I check for instance hid music / picutres and then change my video addons but the change does take. I did manage to change the home screen from videos back to home screen but that seems to be the only change that will stick.
I have the same problem in confluence skin that my shortcuts dissapearing every time I start kodi 16.1. Any solution found yet?

(Works for every skin - the solution it to change your settings and then change the skin to another skin to force the settings to be saved)
A Confluence ZEITGEIST (Modernized Confluence Skin)  |  Kodi 17.7 DSPlayer x64 BETTERGUI (2020 build)
Do a Kodi reboot
i'm running kodi 17.6. i changed my skin by editting guisettings.xml. its working nicely,but it is only for couple of days.. 
after the theme is gone back to the default automatically. is there any thing i can do for this issue??

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Skin settings won't save0
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