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Carousel Home Menu (Rotating/Circular Animation Effect)
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I've always wanted a circular home.xml menu, but was too lazy to code it.
Well I was bored out of my mind at work, so I did it.
Here is the code, hopefully it saves someone some time (it took me about 4 hours(mostly to type Smile )).

Also included is the code for includes.xml the code in there is all the animation, so its easy to change the way it moves without having to change all 100 control calls. BTW I didn't spend a lot of time to get the animation exact (the way center=? works completely escapes me), so if someone is up to the task it's only about 40 numbers in the includes.xml code, please repost it if you do.

Here is the link for the home.xml

Here is the link for the text to add to the includes.xml

Use the <description> tags to make sense of the includes not the name.
The picture files are easy to figure out.

Questions?, Comments?, Problems?Rolleyes
Almost forgot the screenshot.
Very nice Smile
For python coding questions first see
looks good mate...I'm sure it'll save someone some time!
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Time to rip-off..., I mean clone/replicate some of MediaPortal's SPINSAFE/REVOLVE skins, hehe

I also really like home in their FACE skin =>

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If you do try it out, make note of the fact the weather icon is coded to be dynamic (it downloads the correct icon for the current weather), so if you don't have you xbox connected to the internet it will not show up.

To save some time, here are the names of the graphics.
Background.PNG (mine was two colors black & dark grey)
Thumb_Mask2.png (it's a diffused fading reflection mask)
Weather-ICON.PNG (it's commented out, due to it being dynamic "Weather.Condition")
WebBrowser-ICON.PNG (for the PIMPed and Deff builds with links included)

All the icons were 175x175 except the thumb mask 64x64, but any size up to 256x256 should be fine since it wil be resized anyway, but too big will slow it down a lot.
That is almost exactly how the home window for xTV is coded.
then it proves it works then Big Grin
Except xTV isn't 2300+ lines long, or in a circle. But you are right, it is similar, but both ideas came from the old XbMac2.1b2R skin (props to Jacksor and b-wox). I also coded it so it could be modified easily from the includes.xml, that way if someone wanted to make it a full circle, or an almost flat ellipse, they wouldn't need to change every one of the 2300 lines in the home.xml only the 40 in the includes.xml. Also xTV has 3 icons, mine goes to 11, er I mean 10. Smile

BTW, I wrote it for 16x9, use the includes.xml to fix aspect ratio for 4x3.

And if you want to split hairs, EVERY skin that uses reflections looks like my code for "Big Screen/Verve" since I was the first to figure out that an unsigned float would accept a negative number and display the icon upside-down. Now it's just flippy=true (thanx Jmarshal). Tongue
And yes, I do use xTV on my own xbox. Tongue (modified, of course, I like my weather button, what can I say?)
I use xMC at the moment Big Grin

Did this little moment help to ease the tension?
Yes it did Jyra (mb), it's late here in Germany, so I'm grumpy. Cheif's right it does look more like xTV, I can't even tell you whats going on in the home screen for xMC, I think he used voodoo magic to animate it (it's about 1/3 the size it should be for what it does).

2 days until my vacation. Phoenix here I come. must be broken, it says it's 109 F there.
MacGyver...nice job!
Any thought about integrating it into the home screen for PM3 while still being able to maintain the integrity of the skin? I was thinking a "half" circle on the left side of the screen, replacing the current menu.

Also... that FACE skin rocks!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
I tried to um, borrow the graphics from it once I saw it, but they haven't finished it yet on mediaportal. I know the animation for what I made isn't exact because I really couldn't figure out a logical way of coming up with the numbers for center=?, in the end I just kept throwing numbers at it until it looked right (some of those numbers are like 1600,30 what the hell is up with that?), if someone that understands the logic in using center, please let me in on it, and i'll fix it. I had never seen that FACE skin before I started writing this, and when he posted it, I was like no way, I thought mine was going to be unique. I mostly wrote it for the challenge, I had wanted to use something like it for my Verve skin but never got around to doing it.

If anybody wants to do anything with it, have at it. I was just bored at work.
Center in a rotation is the center of the rotation - pretty straight forward.

Center in a zoom is the center of the zoom, i.e. the point at which the object should be of size 0.

They're a bit tricky, I admit - I haven't looked at what you've done here though.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
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