Populate Shelf - Horizontal Setting
Has anyone else had trouble populating the shelf in Horizontal view?

The only success I have had is using "recent" setting for Movies & Music. No other setting (icon, recommended) works for Movies or Music, and can't get anything to show up TV Shows, Addons, Pictures, etc.
Yep, the Shelf does not want anything but icons on it, trying to chang it to say ... Recent brings up the selection screen with the option but clicking on say "Recent" does nothing. Just looking into it now. Worked ok on the old isengaard version. This is version 1.4.5. It appears that when you make any selection in the popup that the previous screen just covers the popup. Plus it looks like it could have been rushed as in the horizontal mode the homescreen shows "Movie" as opposed to "Movies" which it shows properly right on the selection below that.

sounds like some sort of skin corruption, but as I have just spent the last day decrapping the home PC of the kids collection of malware I'm in no mood to play 20 questions over the next few weeks trying to track down the problem.

So, post a link to a FULL debug log showing a session where you are seeing the shelf population problems. You can turn on Debug logging and send log file from the skins Support menu located in the skins settings menus. Also please make sure to restart Kodi with the debug logging on so I can see ALL of the details about your system.

Wyrm (AppTV)
If required a FULL debug log can now be submitted from the skin in settings->skin settings->support. Or follow instructions here if you can't access skin settings.

FAQ's located at :- http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:AppTV
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