Newbie requires help
Total Newbie, not a techie, seeks assistance in plain simple English regarding updating Kodi 15.2 to Jarvis 16.0, though I see some negative reports on doing this.............thanks
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As long as you follow the rules you will find a very helpful bunch of people here.
Always read the Kodi online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.
Step 1: Download Kodi 16.0 from (, be sure to pick the right version for the equipment you are installing it on (Windows, Mac, Etc.)

Step 2: Verify the Skin you are using is compatible with Kodi 16. If not, or you are unsure, change your Skin to the default (Confluence).

Step 3: Beside your Skin, you might also look at all your Add-On's and verify they work with Kodi 16 as well.

Step 4: Exit out of Kodi 15.2, then run the installation for Kodi 16, it should install over your existing version without any issues.

Step 5: Launch Kodi (it should now be version 16 'Jarvis'). Check your addon's to verify they are working correctly. If not, see the appropriate sub-forum here. Same goes for your desired Skin, check to see if it has a 'Jarvis' version.

Enjoy your new Kodi build.

Can there be problems or issues, sure, but if you follow the above, you should be ahead of the game. And since you didn't say if you installed your Kodi 15.2 yourself, or bought a system that was loaded with it already, that might also make a difference on how smoothly your upgrade will go.
Thanks, despite having read through it, I am still all at sea
I am on a M8S+ android box
Wow, seriously....Ok, let me throw you a raft. 8)

Please list...

1. What kind of system you are installing Kodi on.

2. Did you originally install Kodi on the system listed in 1 above?
Ok, so this is one of those All-in-One boxes, with lots of illegal stuff on it. So probably wont get a lot of help in this forum. Perhaps you can contact the seller, and see if they have a write-up on how to upgrade it (or if it's even possible). Just an FYI for anyone else trying to help, here is the specs of this system...

Model: M8S
System Config:
CPU: Amlogic S812 Quad Core 2GHz (Cortex-A9)
GPU: Octo-Core Mali-450
Expand Memory: Micro SD Card (Maximum support 32GB)
Antenna: Built-in Wifi antenna
Software Config
OS: Android 4.4.2 Kikat

I'm more of a Windows guy, so working with Android is beyond me (I do have Android phones, lol).
not all the M8S boxes come preloaded. it depends on who you bought it from. it sure isn't worth 160 bucks though
OS :Android 5.1
Box: Matircom G Box AMLS812
Kodi: SPMC
Connection ADSL(11MPS) , Ethernet
Game Systems : Wii, PS3
Cable Provider: WOW! (Wide Open West)
Media servers (windows 10 PC) Mediaportal, Playon, Kodi

Guess it's not wrong to say whenever making what could be a major software upgrade, always remember to back up your system first.
But I haven't looked into Android boxes though i would guess you'd back up the 8GB NAND FLAH though i have no experiance in doing such.

As a newbie, it may be better to contact the box seller and get advice on how to perform the upgrade (as Powerhouse mentioned).
And upgrading any software that has dependancies could lead to breakage which could be daunting for a newbie to fix.
So if some piracy add-on breaks, you'll have to wipe your own tears as you wont get sympathy here.

Also keep in mind the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" whenever an upgrade urge is felt Smile
I'm a XBMC novice :)
if it's an AndroidTV box, you can update Kodi via Google PlayStore - as simple as that. Ofc only if you are running an official Kodi build - if that's not the case you need to ask your box seller for a new Kodi version, as they likely changed stuff internally.

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