Xbox-Classic support thread
This skin is my favorite skin and since Jezz_X doesn't have his own thread I'm starting it. More attention needs to be brought to this skin.

So you know people still use it. Thanks for updating it. Smile

Jezz_X please takeover this post with any info you deem prudent.

For python coding questions first see
thanks nuka I just did a huge update to it the other day still need to do the busy dialog (low Prority) and the smart playlist ones to get it up to date should only be a couple more days till its 100% up to date again I hope
I think the animation portion of PMIII would match nicely for the busy dialog?

I'm working on the New Lyrics Script skins.
For python coding questions first see
I think this skin has become partially broken in the newer builds.
I find that XBMC-SVN_2008-05-04_rev12881-T3CH + xbox-classic v2.1 when viewed in 720p and viewing a video, the sound and video menus do not diaplay properly, this is not an issue for PMIII.
Yep sorry I will fix it within the next 8 hours an upload a new version for you
I'll try to keep the Xbox-Classic up to date on XBMC Black Market, if there are any SVN updates you can find a new version here:

Nuka1195 Wrote:I'm working on the New Lyrics Script skins.
What skins your planning on updating, I was checking some skins last night and noticed Containment XBMC Lyrics settings window was broken.
thanks Jezz_X & Martomo, working happily again.
Farenheit @ 720p looks great imho Smile
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