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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-31, 09:38)ElectricPim Wrote: Do you know the suspend/wake-up command for the web interface. (jsonrpc?Application.Suspend / jsonrpc?Application.WakeUp ??)

Not for the web interface, but to suspend from the command line: " power suspend". Enable the logfile to see the JSON-RPC command being issued - this may give you a clue for the web interface.

(2016-05-31, 09:38)ElectricPim Wrote: BTW is there much energy saving compared to screensaver `Black`.

Virtual suspend will make barely any difference in terms of power consumption for the RPi, but it will allow the connected display to go into "eco" mode - this might not happen with a screensaver, even black.

(2016-05-31, 12:05)ElectricPim Wrote: Aha, it seems Kodi wakes up now I connected my keyboard. I still think it should wake up on some jsonrpc call's, like cursor movement (Input.Right) or play.

There's currently no way to wake the RPi using only JSON - it needs an input from keyboard, IR or via EventServer (which I think Yatse supports, but perhaps Kore does not unless it's disdabled by default - anything in Kore settings to enable EventServer?)

(2016-05-31, 12:05)ElectricPim Wrote: And why not add (virtual) suspend as a screensaver. Seems to be the most energy saving one, because it will put a monitor in sleep mode.

No real need as you can enable the suspend function which then kicks in with whatever screensaver you are using.

Although @timker did write a screensaver that powers off the HDMI, which might work better for you if Kore doesn't support EventServer: 2022603 (post)

(2016-05-31, 12:05)ElectricPim Wrote: On a Pi, I guess, suspend is only dispowering hdmi, although I'm not sure if analog audio (HDMI + analog audio) is still enabled with suspend.

Yes, virtual suspend simply switches off the HDMI power. I don't think it has any effect on analog audio (not tested this).
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