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(2016-07-15, 21:11)start78 Wrote:
(2016-07-15, 20:58)f1vefour Wrote:
(2016-07-15, 17:03)start78 Wrote: Is there a way to enable transcoding in tvheadend 4.2? Some streams have a far too high bandwidth to watch them over wifi on a mobile. Could a RasPi 3 be powerful enough (or even be capable of hardware encoding) to transcode DVB-S (and DVB-S2!) streams?

Not a thread appropriate question.

Should have mentioned that i already did a google search but that the only option seems to be to compile tvheadend myself (which i don't know how to do over ssh in libreelec) and even then hardware encoding doesn't seem to work:
But this thread is over a year old.

My question was more if i missed something and if there is already an option in the newest version of tvheadend (for this librelec alpha) that just needs to be enabled.
It can be a pain to build, especially when enabling encoding. You could use the hardware h264 assist in ffmpeg to get pretty good conversion speed but not realtime. Perhaps mmal or OM IL could do better.

You could also try creating a custom run script after a recording finishes, tvheadend has this function.
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