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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-08-21, 11:36)metaron Wrote: 2) Rio Olympics opening ceremony (BBC One HD), DVB-T2 dongle recording, h264, ts (all in 16:9)
Juddery start, seems to be skipping frames, audio drops out occationally. Looks like buffering / throughput / interrupt issues.
Zero with OMX player turned back on:
Slight judder at start, then continues with smooth playback. Looking good then full 100% lock up. Can't even ssh into the zero. Wifi dongle light still flashing but green zero light on solid. suspect some sort of interrupt conflict between wifi usb / sd card read and video playback. I know pvr.mythtv can hit the sd card looking for icons during playback (??) so this might be why.
My wife (who uses this set-up more than I do) has reported regular 'lock ups'. Currently considered 'not good enough'.
Power cycled the zero and tried to reproduce, but playback remained smooth this time.
Digging into this a little more, it appears that playback is significantly affected by pvr.mythtv as using a local file (or nfs, still via wifi) is much improved on the zero although still using MMAL.
It does however still seem to miss the occasional frame (both on the zero and on the B model) and is therefore not quite as silky smooth as OMX player even when using a local file.
I conducted another test using a local file on the B model and it got slightly worse when I turned on debug logging (NB storage partition and therefore the log file is mounted via NFS)
I'd be interested in your comments @popcornmix if you think this is 'normal' or not for Test File 2 on a B model using MMAL.

Wifi is undoubtedly more overhead than wired, so any unnecessary reading of files during playback by pvr.mythtv (which I suspect is occurring) will make things worse.
Something obviously isn't 100% safe in this high load wifi + pvr.mythtv environment (demonstrated by the lock up I saw), but as I can't get at the zero once kodi has locked up investigation will be difficult.

Probably if I can work out how to stop pvr.mythtv reading icon files unnecessarily during playback OMX player will be perfectly acceptable for my use case over wifi (once the aspect ratio / pause thing is sorted). I'm sure it shouldn't be doing this so maybe Janbar can help if I post on the pvr.mythv part of the forum....
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