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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
A few things I'm observing at the moment - and a couple of queries. These aren't build specific, as it seems the same no matter what version I choose. For info I'm on pi3, 818 build at present:

1. Popcornmix, you'll remember our posts a couple of weeks back about 3D switching and the menu staying in 3D on exiting films? I thought I'd solved this by adding a 1 second refresh rate delay. This does work, but only if OMX is the player. If it's MMAL, gui stays in 3D on exiting. I have found a workaround to change the gui refresh rate. At first I used 23.98 (obviously works as no refresh rate change) but sluggish. Bizarrely a 25.0 refresh rate also works fine though (and is noticeably faster navigating the menu) so that's what I'm now sticking with. Any other combo (e.g 50 or 60) and 3D films using MMAL exit to the gui in 3D. At least I've found something that works for me though!

2. Out of interest what is the current status of OMX v MMAL? What is recommended for a 3D film for example? I don't notice much in terms of PQ, OMX perhaps a tad sharper.

3. What I have noticed though on 3D mkvs is that with OMX film plays fine, but if I jump forward/backwards the movie stops (even though the mins/seconds on play counter continues to go on). MMAL, I can use forwards and backwards without issue.

4. AC3 passthrough (using an external hdmi optical splitter to take optical to old AC3 decoder). Works fine on OMX. MMAL also works, but on codec information, rather than listing speakers as LR, FR...32 bit AC3, for 5.1 it says RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW 8 bit AC3. Don't quite understand that (displays it correctly if passthrough disabled).

5. Is there any way of switching between MMAL and OMX - selecting which player to use from the Movies section rather than having to amend system preferences? Doesn't seem to be an option in context menu. I've tried keymap editor and programmed 'switch player' to a remote - this brings up a 'video player (default)' message as a context menu during playback but doesn't seem to change anything on selection.

Happy to debug any of the above if if would be helpful for future builds. All very minor, I think the builds are amazing!
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