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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-13, 19:35)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-11-13, 16:50)mcelliott Wrote: Sod's law, but after hours of searching, I find the solution after I post.

Once I added SERVER

to hosts.conf and rebooted, all the problems are fixed.

Do we have any idea why this would be?



After the Samba config change in #1018 there have been a few (2-3) reports of connection issues, which I suspect were down to name resolution failures.

Restarting _every_ networked device on your network may help. Avoiding hostnames definitely helps.

Unfortunately Samba is a rather fragile beast, and even apparently beneficial changes such as those in #1018 can upset an apparently working network until all members are back in sync and on the same page. It's possible your network (or maybe only part of it) is now using a different "master browser" than it was before which may result in broken name resolution, hence restarting all devices may give them a chance to re-establish a new and consistent master browser. After #1018, LibreELEC devices will no longer attempt to become local master browsers as they might have done before.

This is the thread that prompted the changes.

Thanks for your comments. I did already reboot my modem/router and all computers on the network, and this didn't help. The only thing that I found helped was editing the hosts.conf file.

I'm happy to do more testing if you can tell me what will be useful.

Best wishes,

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