Estouchy rather empty on Milhouse builds #414 and #415
I don'y know whether this has something do to with Estouchy or Milhouse latest builds, but the other day I had some time on my hands and as I hadn't updated OpenElec for a while, I downloaded Milhouse build #414 and updated to it.

I'm running on a RPi2 with the 7" "official" RPi touchscreen and thus jumped onto Estouchy as soon as it was possible. However, in #414 (and in #415 as well), I can only access and listen to the items in my favourites list! On boot, the small icons in the stripe-menu to the left only leads to empty pages with suspicious scrollbars to the right that indicate that the page is much taller than the area visible on screen. Nothing is visible though and nothing seems to be clickable.

Similar things happens if one repeatedly click the left arrow icon, expecting to come back to the first page with the quartet of bigger icons in the centre of the screen. One get back to the first page alright, but no big icons are visible (or blindly clickable, for that matter.) Weird. ;-)

Switching to Confluence, everything works as it should - except that Confluence, of course, is less suited for a touchscreen and thus a bit harder to use. Switching back to Estouchy even made the system crash and reboot...

By the way, how do one make screenshots from one's OpenElec installation? Other than take photos of the screen with a smartphone?

*EDIT:* Never mind me - pulling a zip of the latest Estouchy master and installing fixed everything. (I.e., the old adage of "please update to the latest version" applied fully. ;-) )
To iterate: updating the Estouchy skin itself solved everything (it doesn't get updated when updating to newer Milhouse builds).

Yet, I am a bit surprised that I can switch from one skin to another, but when switching back, my system regularly reboots. Isn't that a bit of a odd behavior?

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Estouchy rather empty on Milhouse builds #414 and #4150
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