Use of music NFOs to override tags in mp3 files

I have a collection of mp3 files with very little information embedded using tags. And much of the information (including track number) that is embedded using tags is incorrect. I would therefore like to add NFO files to supply all information. I have read the documentation for the artist and album nfo files, but I simply cannot get et to work. Is there somewhere a working example that I can use?

I also have one specific question: The album.nfo refers to tracks using position number. How does Kodi determine the track number of a MP3 file, if there is no track number tag in the file?

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Dare I suggest your time would be best spent using a tagging tool e.g. Mp3tag or Picard, to correct the basic tag information in your music files. IMO far easier than editing nfo files.

Kodi music library is based upon music file tag information. The album and artist information can subsequently be extended and modified using nfo files (or scraping data from online sources), but the fundamental song data, like track number, needs to be in the music file tags or a cuesheet.
Thank you for your answer.

I am importing a large number of mp3 files from an RSS source, so I need to do everything programmically. I think I will to modify the tags in the mp3 files.

(2016-04-18, 17:18)DaveBlake Wrote: Kodi music library is based upon music file tag information.

I have to agree with smndk that in the long run this behaviour should be changed: Information contained in nfo-files should have a higher priority than the information of the id3-tags. It's much faster generating and editing nfo-files than the whole tags. Or at least the user should choose which information he prefers.
Well we have support for cue files which are sort of like nfo files for songs.

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Use of music NFOs to override tags in mp3 files0
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