Unable to write to USB flash drive
Hi there,

I just purchased a Mini M8S and a USB flash drive to go into it. I have found that Kodi can only read items on the flash drive but won't write to it. I was looking at offloading some Kodi files to the drive to free up some space but no matter what I try I can't get Kodi to write to it.

Is there something I need to do in order to get this to work?

The box is running Android 5.1

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Subbing same problem on aftv ver1. W/fat 32 formatted pny 3.0 64 gb drive.
Purchasing a USB flash drive is just the start.

You have to set up your android to work with the USB drive.
It is not too hard but requires patience as you might not succeed on the first try.

Here is the procedure.

HOW-TO:Change_data_location_for_Android (wiki)

To see how I personally did it. Post 28 on the following thread explains it.

Hi there,

Many thanks for the info. I'd heard someone say that Kodi can't actually write to a USB flash drive if you're running Android 5.1 as something had changed in the way permissiona or something like that work in 5.1

Does the method above definitely work in 5.1 then?

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Also seems like I'm having a more general problem anyway. Just read those posts you linked to and thankyou very much for pointing those in my direction however I just downloaded Ghost Commander and tried a very simple copy of a file from the box to my USB flash drive and it says :

Nothing was copied
- File not accessible
/storage/udisk0/titan_SKIN_BACKUP_20160421-2234.zip: open failed:
EACCES (Permission denied)

So it seems as though there might be something else at play here too maybe as even taking Kodi out of the equation I still can't write to the USB drive?

Many thanks for any help with this.

Best wishes,

Fixed now. Had to install Total Commander and then edited sdcard/system/etc/permissions/profile.xml

Quote:Find the permission "Write_External_Storage" and there will be the permission group: "sdcard_rw"
Add another group directly under that one: <group gid="media_rw" />
Save changes made in the file and exit
Reboot your device

As per this post here :


Hope that helps someone else if they come across this post.

I can now read and write to any USB flash drive directly from within Kodi or for that matter any other App on the box.
You can also do the exact same thing with SDFix (it's safe to ignore the mention of KitKat in the name). Just install it, run it once, then remove it.
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