Release Portable Kodi for Windows [7z,EXE]
I am using portable builds for testing purposes all the time, so I 've decided to make and upload some for the community.

These builds are unofficial and experimental, meaning they work as intended, but are provided as is.

First build starts with version 16.1 Jarvis and these are for Windows 7+ only.

>--Extract them to the folder of your choice and run Kodi_Portable.exe *or* Kodi_Portable.bat.--<

Vanilla Kodi ver. 16.1 - 7z:

Vanilla Kodi ver. 16.1 - Self Extractable archive:

And don't forget to install the M$ Visual C++ redistributables, unless you have them already:
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Thanks for appropriately moving it to the Windows section, as I 've decided to post it in the "Kodi related discussions" because I didn't ask for support.
Out of curiosity... what are these archives all about, Kodi is already readily available. Are you testing out the file compressor? Do you still have to use the -p to make it portable? A few more details would probably garner some interest.
The exact same thing was asked by another user at the TVADDONS forum, lol. I will quote my message I posted there:

Quote:I 've decided to provide these builds for some specific cases, no different than other programs out there like firefox portable.

1) A new user who just wants to run kodi with no trace left behind, especially in his registry.
2) Easy to uninstall just delete the folder which contains Kodi
3) Easy to navigate to the portable_data folder, which contains all the installed addons etc.
4) You can have multiple builds in one machine
5) It's easy to install, just extract, without having to navigate all the steps the official setup.exe has. Not to mention the time consuming shortcut making and the non-relative directory nature of it.
6) You can run it from a usb thumb! Don't forget that across multiple machines the path may be different so yet another waste of time to make more shortcuts!

No you don't have to make any changes to the builds posted above, they are packed and configured to be used right away as a portable program. Yet another quote from the same thread:

Quote:Alright, here's what I 've done...

1) I installed it normally to the folder of my choice, i.e. C:\something\Kodi\App
2) New text file -> save as Portable_Kodi.bat with the following code:

start .\App\Kodi.exe -p

3) Bat2Exe with the official Kodi icon in x86 mode for compatibility -> save as Portable_Kodi.exe

4) Packed and uploaded to my Dropbox account.

...Not to mention the smaller size of the packages, because they do not contain the redistributables, providing them separately.
Kodi-portable.exe shows up as virus
(2016-07-12, 11:54)isitmeor Wrote: Kodi-portable.exe shows up as virus

False alert, never had any problem with the executable. I have Windows Defender in my PC and before that, Avast. If you worry that much you can delete it and work with the bat script.

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