Release - SexyCirrus 3.4.X - Gaming & Media Expansion for Cirrus Extended

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Rufoo Offline
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(2017-06-07 11:13)Turnspit Wrote:  Just switched over to Arctic Zephyr+ to give my Kodi an upgrade to 17.3 and a modern, clean look - Cirrus didn't age very will IMHO (it was my number 1 to go Skin for many many years). Your new screens look very promising and nice though, looking forward to any updates to Cirrus / Sexy Cirrus! :-)

You're not wrong. Cirrus' aesthetic became long in the tooth some time ago. Wink

KODser has done great work with Zephyr Plus and probably is the best AEL supported skin out there presently.

That being said, when the new version of "Cirrus" hits, it'll hopefully lure you back. Much time has been spent on boosting the versatility to completely new levels, like SexyCirrus on steroids. The other collaborators have to exercise much patience with me as well because I keep implementing new ideas instead of just wrapping everything up. Tongue

Ah! The end result will be worth it. Project is far from dead. Wink
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rdyott Offline
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Maybe please release something? and then work on implementing new things?
pretty please. Smile
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Hi Rufoo is it possible to get a Live DVD Background?
The same as here:
[Image: Ijy7aJm.jpg]

Or Fake CD Arts for series
[Image: bhSZnTM.jpg]
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