Theme change on-the-fly (variables based on date and time of the day, weather, etc.)?
shouldn't a current weather conditional work with the comparestring conditional?
sure would
I was thinking of a kind of 'FanArt' backdrop function for weather with different backdrops for each kind of typical weather condition, with a standard directory structure so one could use multiple images for each type of weather condition, for example something similar to this:

\FanArt Backdrops\Adult\
\FanArt Backdrops\Emulators\
\FanArt Backdrops\Games\
\FanArt Backdrops\Movies\
\FanArt Backdrops\Music\
\FanArt Backdrops\TV Shows\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Coudy Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Coudy Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Coudy and Rain Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Coudy and Rain Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Hail Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Hail Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Frost Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Frost Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Snow Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Snow Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Snow and Rain\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Sunny Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Sunny Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Sunny and Cloudy Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Sunny and Cloudy Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Sunny and Rain\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Storm Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Storm Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Rain Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Rain Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Windy Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Day - Windy Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Coudy Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Coudy Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Coudy and Rain Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Coudy and Rain Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Full Moon
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - New Moon
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Hail Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Hail Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Frost Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Frost Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Snow Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Snow Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Snow and Rain\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Storm Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Storm Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Rain Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Rain Heavy\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Windy Light\
\FanArt Backdrops\Weather\Night - Windy Heavy\

N/A Not Available
00 Rain/Lightning
01 Windy/Rain
02 Same as 01
03 Same as 00
04 Same as 00
05 Cloudy/Snow-Rain Mix
06 Hail
07 Icy/Clouds Rain-Snow
08 Icy/Haze Rain
09 Haze/Rain
10 Icy/Rain
11 Light Rain
12 Moderate Rain
13 Cloudy/Flurries
14 Same as 13
15 Flurries
16 Same as 13
17 Same as 00
18 Same as 00
19 Dust
20 Fog
21 Haze
22 Smoke
23 Windy
24 Same as 23
25 Frigid
26 Mostly Cloudy
27 Mostly Cloudy/Night
28 Mostly Cloudy/Sunny
29 Partly Cloudy/Night
30 Partly Cloudy/Day
31 Clear/Night
32 Clear/Day
33 Hazy/Night
34 Hazy/Day
35 Same as 00
36 Hot!
37 Lightning/Day
38 Lightning
39 Rain/Day
40 Rain
41 Snow
42 Same as 41
43 Windy/Snow
44 Same as 30
45 Rain/Night
46 Snow/Night
47 Thunder Showers/Night
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That functionality exists right now, though its only via the icon number rather than directly using the weather condition name. Nuka added this a couple months ago I think, but it didn't seem to draw too much attention at the time. I posted a fanart pack for it a while back. Could use some expanding, but still have several hundred pictures there...

the original weather fanart discussion...

About 5 pages in nuka added the infolabel and mentions how to use it.
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Theme change on-the-fly (variables based on date and time of the day, weather, etc.)?00