Linux Hardware setup and multiple client integration
Hey guys,

I'm planing a new setup for an other room.
I would like to use a Rasbperry Pi 2+ (OpenElec) with an external DVB-S2 USB stick/box (may TT S2-4600 | supported:

Therefore I've got some questions:

Is it possibible to share the TT S2-4600 (SAT>IP) to another TVHeadend Device (HTPC). In case there's the possibility, how to accomplish this?
The main goal behind this is, that I would be able to record something and watch tv (on HTPC) simultaneous.

Is there a kind of Master/Slave Setup for TVHeadend, where every client knows about the records of the other clients?
For Kodi I would setup a MySQL daemon on my NAS, where Kodi should store his information.

Anything where I should pay attention to which I completely forgot? Maybe another device which would fit me needs better for the same or less money?

Thanks in advance.

P.S: Maybe this one -->
If you want to watch one channel and record another at the same time, then you need a tuner that internally has at least 2 tuners.

To share to another instance, you just need to set up Kodi with the TVHeadend client on it. You can set up as many as you want to connect to the backend. If you use a MySQL shared database for your Kodi clients then tv data from your backend will be available on all the clients.

For a twin input tuner, you can either watch one channel on one Kodi client and a different channel on a different client, or watch on one client while recording on another (or while the backend is making a scheduled recording). You can also watch the same channel on multiple Kodi devices at the same time.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
I've got a dual tuner within my HTPC, but there are a few problems why I can't use my HTPC a backend for other clients:

1. Unfortunately my SAT device does not support more that one channel/stream on a single cable
2. My HTPC is not powered on all the time. Therefore, it's no option as real TVHeadend backend

So (again) the following questions?

- Is there the possibility to share a tuner from one TVHeadend server to another?
- If TVHeadend does not support this by built-in feature, are there other possibilities to use a tuner in TVHeadend from another device which is reachable by local network?
- Does someone has experiance with those WeTek devices?
Tvheadend can use SAT>IP to both connect to remote tuners select(e.g. something like a GSS.Box) and to publish/receive tuners (such as the one you mention) to/from other tvh instances. In this configuration, the recordings are made on the "master" tvh, not on the "slave", so there's no need to know about the records of the other device.

I haven't used this, so this is only my understanding... be warned of that Smile

To configure, you broadly install tvh on your Pi, go to config > general > satip server and configure that to export the tuners, and then set the tvh instance on your HTPC to search for SAT>IP sources. The remote tuners will appear as local ones, and you can then configure them accordingly with networks, muxes, etc.

If you're running anything else on the HTPC, it would have to be able to see the remote SAT>IP sources. In Kodi terms, you'd still need a local backend to do the PVR heavy lifting before handing over to the relevant Kodi PVR addon.

Tvheadend stores recording details locally to itself in XML-like files - no SQL required.

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