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Yeah, did that, on expert, It might be there but I cant find it. It is surprising how many menus and submenus there are in this program.
Its a great thing that the program is so customizable and has so many options, but it does get hard to find things sometimes.

Those extra options are needed because not everyone installs it on the same device.
Also depending on how you got it connected,
Monitor, TV, projector or receiver and then the cables HDMI, vga or rca.
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Well, No one here, wanted the Job, So, I hired a programmer, and have him "FIXING" The current version of Kodi and the Movie Database Scraper.
Soon the problem of the Different Versions of movies and Correct movie titles will be a thing of the past. Hooray !
The correct movie title is how it shows on imdb or themvdb not the name you name them

But it's the way you prefer and a small amount of other people perhaps,
Don't see them either here to support you.

But I'm glad your issue might be solved soon.

Pure out of interest could you keep us updated ?
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Hells Yeah,

I'll go with The Movie DB all day long.

I guess Im just being picky when I want Identifiers to show differences Extended Cuts, Unradted Versions, Directors Cuts. ETC.

I have seen others interested here, but not as many as I thought. I really thought this would be a great addition. Oh Well.

Will keep everyone updated as soon as I hear back from my programmer. He says about a week.


It's almost 3 weeks ago now,
Did you get it working with the help of him ?
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Ive got the answer to your question, was needing to do it myself

Its in file lists under video settings its "Replace file names with library tiles"

glad to have helped you and myself lolLaugh

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