Option to not read EXIF data removed in Jarvis?!
Up to Isengard, Kodi had an option to not read EXIF data when browsing through the photos. I have my pictures on a raspberry pi share (so limited network speed), so this option allowed me to browse through the folders very quickly, starting a slideshow wherever I liked.

Now in Jarvis this option just does not exist anymore, but Kodi is always reading the EXIF data. This means that when I open a folder with several hundred photos, I have to wait quite a long time until it has read all photos and reacts again.
Is there any reason why this option was removed? I see people with Kodi on their RPi that even mention Kodi constantly crashing now with large photo folders.
Is there at least a way to disable that in any of the settings files if that option is not available in the GUI anymore? I am thinking about reverting back to Isengard, because this way browsing through photos becomes a pain, the WAF is gone...Confused
Please bring that option back! The forums show quite some threads of people having problems with this, but I could not see any explanation why a developer decided to remove it.
There has not been much development for the picture part, which is okay, but then please do not even remove options on top of that.

I see the relevant change on github:
The comments state that the developers see this option as superfluous. However it isn't, as it is not only about picture rotation and display of EXIF information, but about system performance when telling KODI to always read all EXIF data of the pictures.
Unfortunately the developers did not react on this so far Sad
I surely do second this request! Entering folders with a huge number of pictures takes ages when not canceling the exif scanning :-(

More worse, cause the once read data is always lost again...

Can someone explain to me in a few sentences, why:
* the data isn't just read in once and stored in a DB?
* it's not possible to do the scanning just like it is done for thumbnails? Enter a folder and do the exif scanning in background, like thumbnail creation is done?

Even recursive slideshows take ages when run on huge number of pictures... don't know if it's because of the scanning, too...?
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Option to not read EXIF data removed in Jarvis?!00