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DaveBlake Offline
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Music  Welcome to "Music Corner"
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Thanks Zag for setting up this new sub-forum, a special place for support discussion of of all aspects of the Kodi music library. For music streaming you need to go over the the Add-ons Support >Music Addons subforum instead.

Ask your questions, and provide feedback about using the music library e.g. tagging music files, NFOs, artwork, artists, albums, genres, playlists etc. here.
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bry Offline
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congrats! Thanks @DaveBlake and @Zag
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peppe_sr Offline
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I like it!
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jasn Offline
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Wow! Did I just stumble into this brand new sub-forum This makes me very happy, as my primary use for Kodi is to play my music library.

Great! I'll help when I can as well.

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Thanks for this.

scott s.
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steve1977 Offline
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Indeed, this is fantastic. Congrats @DaveBlake and @Zag

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zag Offline
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Glad to see some familiar users in here Wink

Music is an area that could be massively improved in Kodi with a little development know how and some user testing.

Lets hope this forum helps out a little.
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Thanks very much Dave & Zag for this sub-forum.

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mashipx Offline
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Hi ive mentioned this in the music support section but ive added it here as i'd like it to be seen please

Files View (tree structure) via UPNP would good please. apart from serving to devices using the smb method i also access my music via UPNP on a sony and samsung tv and to its a complete nightmare navigating my very large music collection via the library method. Its very slow and cumbersome. being able to access my music via a folder/file tree structure like smb would be a dream to use on slow devices.
Thank You
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@DaveBlake, when possible please read this thread, maybe you have idea how author post solve trouble.


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I'm amazed this sub forum hasn't existed until now. Glad to see the music section is getting some love at long last.

Happy to pitch in where I can. Having spent a ton of time working to optimise the music section UI in Pellucid, i'd love to see where this all goes.

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